Meet The Owner


 The brains behind GLamHER Hair Addiction, Ja’Quesa (J.Sarne’) journey started when her daughter Joslyn (CoOwner) suffer from eczema at the scalp which caused hair loss. The doctors wanted to prescribe steroids for the scalp to treat the issue which over time would produce more hair loss. She want a more natural way to heal the scalp.  

In 2019 GLamHER Hair Addiction was fully birth into a full Natural Hair Care product Line helping hundreds of 🖤🤎 women suffering with hair loss and lack of moisture retention.

Ja’Quesa is currently studying Trichology and set is to graduated March 2022 as a Holistic Trichologist/Hair Loss Practitioner 

Ja’Quesa is also set to opening up a Hair And Scalp Center (REVITALIZE Hair Restoration Spa) Coming Soon